Path to Peace?

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Pyongyang has declared a new strategic course for the country, announcing an indefinite suspension of all nuclear and ballistic missile tests, in the run-up to the planned meeting between Kim Jon-un and US President Donald Trump.At a plenary meeting of the central committee of the Worker’s Party of Korea, the ruling party has outlined six crucial decisions:

US President Donald Trump has reacted with optimism to North Korea’s announcement of its change of course and its immediate and indefinite nuclear test freeze, stating that he was “looking forward” to meeting with Kim Jong-un. Donald Trump, who has been preparing to meet Kim in the coming weeks, welcomed the development ahead of the summit, calling it a “good news for the world.”

I’m throwing a list for this one, as it’s somewhat important and I would like to get everyone’s opinion on the terms if they deem it acceptable or not. What they may feel ought to be different. What additional terms should the world demand of the North?

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